Vinyl flooring has many advantages, which we already mentioned in a previous article. To get a better idea, we will compare the vinyl flooring with the popular laminate flooring and compare their main features. Let’s try to understand the difference between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.


With its composition vinyl flooring has:

  • absolute resistance to moisture;
  • resistance to corrosive substances;
  • high elasticity;
  • resistance to mechanical damage.
  • universal application
  • еasy to install and remove
  • еasy to clean

Vinyl flooring can be easily used in bathrooms, swimming pools, commercial premises, as opposed to laminate flooring. Vinyl flooring can be applied to concrete or tiled, wooden or parquet floors. Unlike laminate. In addition, vinyl flooring adds a different kind of beauty to the room – any type of image can come to life on your home!
Laminate flooring typically consists of laminated particle boards or panels imitating natural wood. Its features are only beautiful design, relative water resistance, strength, more expensive than vinyl, relative ease of installation.


The laminate flooring is easy to clean, usually there is no accumulation of harmful bacteria. It is stain resistant. Laminate can be cleaned with a sponge or mop but it’s more capricious than vinyl when using detergents. Also, the laminate always has a beautiful design, and it has a choice of shades. Models copy natural wood or solid flooring.
The advantages of laminate flooring are: relative low price, ease and speed of installation and ease of replacement. Price plays an important role in the choice of coverage. However, something very important – cheaper models depreciate faster and the average exploitation life is 5-8 years.

The vinyl flooring is made of universal material. It can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. Vinyl flooring is much more:

  • durable;
  • easy to clean;
  • absolutely moisture resistant;
  • absolutely bacteria resistant;

Additionally, the design is entirely in your hands.
The result is clear! Vinyl flooring wins the battle!
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