With the advent of a large number of modern materials, it has become possible renovation ceilings more often and easily. If before most users imagined that it could be painted only white, today it is possible to bring more personality to the bathroom. We will tell you how to make a ceiling with decorative 3D lining of Ruvitex 3D Dekor.


Now one of the most suitable options is lining of the ceiling with special decorative panels made of polyvinyl chloride. This is a very profitable solution in terms of price and quality of coverage. Even at low cost, the ceilings made in this way look very good and give the impression of a modern-day renovation. The pastel and soft colors of the ceiling automatically visually increase the space of the room. This is especially important when the ceilings are low. In addition, making such ceilings is extremely simple and relatively cheaper.


The bathroom, this is a special room in the house because it has its own microclimate, which makes it impossible to use ordinary materials for decoration. High humidity with temperature changes forces the use of special materials with improved moisture protection properties.


The material used in the 3D lining of the Ruvitex 3D Dekor for the ceiling in the bathroom is highly resistant to steam and moisture and doesn’t wear away from frequent washing. Decorative PVC bathroom linings are characterized by increased resistance to changes in temperature conditions, don’t change their original shape and they are not subject to cracking and softening. No special preparation of the basic ceiling to install the PVC lining are required. Such bathroom linings have extended service life. Installation of Ruvitex 3D Decor PVC lining is not difficult and can be completed at any time for several hours without major repairs.

Consider and weigh the options. The capabilities of this product are truly delightful. Take a look at our finished objects and create ideas for the interior of your home!