In today’s economy of intense competition, when it comes to hotels, everyone strives to excel with a pleasant atmosphere, comfort and quality service. Brand loyalty is something that needs to be nourished. The rise of digital marketing and real-time review sites means that word-of-mouth can spread news about your hotel around the world virtually overnight. Therefore, there are more options for consumers to choose and to increase customer awareness. In the face of increasing competition in the sector, should you consider upgrading your hotel interior to make it more welcoming – and if so, what to consider before designing. RUVITEX 3D DECOR offers you solutions for every type of design and design on your customers’ senses. With RUVITEX 3D DECOR floor coverings, you can create any kind of image and get a flawless result. There are a number of factors that should influence the design. Think about your market – who are your visitors and how many people are visiting you? What services do you offer? Do you want to keep up with trends or create your own unique design? Everything can be fulfilled. Whether you are looking for a luxury atmosphere or a simpler home atmosphere, make sure your brand and identity are fully represented. The color scheme, materials, fixtures and furnishings, furniture and aroma must create a “wow” effect. With colorful and beautiful flooring, your hotel will stand out.

The advantages of RUVITEX 3D DECOR flooring in the hallway of your hotel:

  • durable
  • anti-slip
  • easy to install without disturbing the long workflow
  • 100% moisture resistant
  • easy to maintain
  • resistant to mechanical influences
  • at a very good price
  • with long service life
  • and last but not least with a beautiful and attractive look