Vinyl flooring is a relatively new cover, so for those who are wondering how to install vinyl flooring on a concrete base, we present some professional tips.


The vinyl flooring is sufficiently plastic and thin coated with a thickness of less than 3 mm. That’s why many people today may wonder how to put it right. Accordingly, as you install it on a rough surface, you will encounter disappointment: all disadvantages will be clearly visible. Therefore, manufacturers warn that vinyl flooring should only be applied on a perfectly smooth, specially prepared base. Let’s talk about how to properly install vinyl flooring on a concrete base.


First, the self-leveling screed of your choice must be laid. A variety of these types of mixtures are available on the market – they can be cement, plaster or polymer. The last option is the most appropriate. The polymer solutions allow you to create a thin layer for a perfectly flat and smooth surface, which is the best foundation. Before that, you need to completely clean the floor of paint residue and dirt. All defects found should be cleaned and treated with putty. After the screed has dried, it is necessary to polish it. In the final stage of the preparatory work, it is necessary to remove the dust and apply a primer on the basis. Clean all dust with a vacuum cleaner and ventilate the room.

IMPORTANT! Laying of the vinyl flooring can only begin after drying the basis. 5% moisture is allowed, otherwise the coating will deform or peel off. The good news is that it is quite easy to install vinyl flooring on a concrete base. It will take you several hours (in case the base is perfectly prepared, of course). Judge for yourself: A floor of about 12 square meters can find its new “vinyl life” in just 1.5 hours!