In the following lines we will try to update the latest information about PVC wall coverings. Some of the latest varieties of these linings are available in 3D design. After reading this article, you will be able to distinguish between the key differences in the installation process and the result of the installation of the PVC wall coverings of Ruvitex 3D Dekor. If you are looking for innovative interior design ideas, Ruvitex 3D Dekor 3D decorative coverings offer an exciting variety of patterns. A wall, finished with 3D PVC decorative lining, creates a huge impact and gives an artistic feeling to the room at a relatively low cost. They are made from a base polymer material that is waterproof, lightweight and non-flammable.

The versatility of the PVC covering RUVITEX 3D DECOR

PVC wall covering is suitable for use in both interiors and exteriors of commercial and residential projects. In addition, the installation method of Ruvitex 3D Decor PVC covering is extremely simple and can be installed without much effort. Here are some of the points we would like to discuss that will help you install PVC wall covering in your home or workplace:

Perform measurements
First, you need to properly and carefully measure the wall or ceiling where you want to install the PVC covering. When making the measurement, you should keep in mind the window area, the door area, the window sills or any other area where the covering doesn’t need to be installed. After you do this, you need to calculate the amount of PVC covering you need and resize it.

Preparing the base
The base must be clean and dry. If there are irregularities, they must be smoothed to ensure that the covering will adhere well enough and last long enough.

Fixation of PVC covering Ruvitex 3D Decor on the prepared base

After you have cut the covering to the correct size and prepared the base, a primer and then a water-based adhesive must be applied. Then you glue the covering to the wall tightly and with a hard roller you need to expel excess air.

PVC wall panels are made of special polymers that make them impact resistant and therefore suitable for use on both interior and exterior of residential and commercial premises. They are 100% waterproof, recyclable and fireproof. You will find a large number of designs and patterns that can be viewed on the Internet before placing an order.
Turn your boring interior into a grand work of art. The Ruvitex 3D Dekor PVC wall coverings will transform normal interiors into spectacular and modern spaces. Now you will no longer need wall paintings.
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