We described the advertisement as a connection between the client and the product. It’s up to you which kind of advertising to use? You may choose between a TV, radio, Internet commercial, print advertisement, etc. In “5 effective ways of advertising: Part 1” we talked about TV commercials and now we continue with other suggestions.
1. Radio commercial – you have to think this kind of commercial over. You have to choose at what time your commercial to be broadcasted. Professionals can create a great spot which can attract people’s attention. However, are your potential clients, radio listeners? Think about that and act on it! Local radio stations can make you a reasonable offer.
2. Internet commercial – depending on your preferences and the needs of your business this kind of commercial can be different kinds. On the Internet, you may see different banners, videos, commercial notices and many more. With this kind of commercial you also have to choose carefully the location, how long you want the commercial to be shown, etc. The team that is going to create the commercial is also very important. You need a good designer, copywriter or other specialist according to the kind of Internet commercial you want to create. Internet commercials are less expensive than the TV commercials.
3. Print advertising – newspapers, magazines – all of them are at your disposal. Of course, if your products are specialized, the best way to advertise them is to present them in a special corresponding edition. You may create flyers which are a direct way of advertising. Their distribution to people is not expensive. However, how effective are they given the fact that this is a widespread method of advertising? How many people will take this piece of paper and look at it? Don’t disregard flyer as an option, however you have to think this kind of advertising through. Is it the best way of advertising for you and how effective will it be? Pamphlets, catalogues and others are also a good way of advertising. Nowadays, they are being delivered directly to our personal letter box. The problem is that this kind of advertising is also widespread and it is not very effective. Why don’t you think of a non-standard advertising? You will find information about this kind of advertising in “5 ways of advertising: Part 3”.