We are at the final 3rd part of the article. In the previous two parts of “5 ways of advertising” we discussed different advertising options that can help you attract more customers. Of course, this article doesn’t aim to tell the story of the advertisement in general. We just wanted to mention a few ideas that can help you decide which kind of advertising is suitable for you. After the TV-, radio-, internet commercial and print advertising we can offer you something else:

1. Non-standard advertising. Why not? You may choose to put an advertising picture of a refreshing drink at the bottom of a pool, movable flooring with the image of a medicine on a pharmacy floor or a product for shoes in a shop. This kind of advertising has several advantages. First of all, the design is unlimited in contrast to other kinds of advertising. It can be manufactured in all sizes and shapes, on special vinyl flooring that allows printing. It is also three-dimensional. What are we talking about? Ruvitex 3D décor! A Bulgarian product that has no analogue in the world. We offer you a vinyl material on which you may print whatever you want. Such an advertisement, apart from being adaptive is also intriguing because it is not so widespread. It can be positioned on different places – including at the bottom of a pool. Why not? Just choose your image and we will manufacture it for you.

So, which kind of advertising are you willing to choose? How are you going to reach new clients? Can you afford a TV commercial and is it worth it? Is this the right choice for your business and products? Do you listen to the radio? Are radio listeners your potential clients? Are specialized newspapers and magazines your short cut to the public you want to reach? Are flyers the best way to attract new customers to your beauty salon or restaurant? Perhaps, you would like to choose an Internet commercial? Lately, its popularity leads to the creation of blockage programs, which is not very effective.

Highly effective, original, different, reasonable and affordable is the non-standard advertisement presented by Ruvitex 3D décor! Order your effective advertisement at +359 896 645 891!