Here you are! Yes, I know that your products are great. The thing is that I am the only person who knows that. The question is how to reach potential customers? How they can find out what you are offering and why they have to buy your products. In the past, it was enough for the businessmen to have a good reputation. People were recommending products to one another and the correct businesses prospered. Over time, however, other methods of reaching out to customers appeared. The advertisement showed up. First, as propaganda – advertising boards, notices etc. Many craftsmen displayed their work of art in front of their workshops. For example, blacksmiths displayed horseshoes, potters – pottery. That was a good way to reach out to people no matter if they were educated or not. Direct marketing was preferred by people at markets – sellers were persuading people to buy their products. In the year 1836 the French newspaper “La Presse” started publishing advertisements in exchange for money. That was when the first print advertisement was born. In the 1920s the radio showed up. People started advertising on the radio in order to reach out to as many people as possible. Then the television came forward. Nowadays, there’s the Internet and it is one of the best places to advertise. However, it doesn’t eliminate other ways of advertising. Don’t forget that there are non-standard ads. How to reach the customers effectively – that’s the question many businessmen still ask themselves.

1. TV advertising is an effective way of advertising. A lot of people watch television. So, between our favorite TV series, the news and the TV shows, commercials show up. To advertise on the television however, you need a great amount of money. It’s important to have a team that is able to elaborate your ideas. You will need a team of professionals that know exactly what they are doing – people that can create the proper message in order to attract customers to your product. This kind of advertising is not appropriate for small businesses.
To be continued: 5 effective ways of advertising: Part 2