Not every home of the future can boast with different machinery, gadgets or innovative design. But in such a home there surely are elements from the future. These innovations are created to be beautiful, cosy and practical. Ruvitex 3D Décor offers you great image variety and it’s useful for different purposes and premises. Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring is innovation that allows printing. You may think that it is like wallpaper but it isn’t. First of all, wallpapers are designed for walls. Second, they are not three-dimensional. Also, Ruvitex 3D Décor allows you to choose your own design. We add a three-dimensional finish and the magic is done.
Each project with Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring is a challenge and an opportunity for us to create a new piece of art form the future. Wood and stone are well-known materials that have been tested over time. However, the development of new technologies helps us create loved and reliable materials with many applications.
Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring is a great way to make your own masterpiece. Due to the fact that it allows printing you may use it to decorate your home in a beautiful way. You may choose a colorful or a monochromic image. You may decide to print landscapes, animals, houses, pictures… anything you want! The future enters your home – easy, unnoticeably and naturally.
Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring is a blank space for interior design and advertising on which you may print whatever you want. It can be used as a water-proof, easy to clean, colorful carpet for your child’s room or as 3D flooring for advertising which you may place wherever you want. It can be easily moved and cleaned. It’s beautiful and interesting. Get your piece from the future today with Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring!