Every tradesman and businessman wants to sell different products or services. A sure way to reach potential customers is advertising. There are different kinds of advertising. The main options for advertising are TV, radio, printing and Internet advertising. Different messages can “advertise” the assortment of a certain company and aim to stimulate people to buy their products or services.
We offer a new, revolutionary way, your message to reach many new target audiences – Ruvitex 3D Décor for business advertising. It allows you to print your message in 3D image format! Then, you may put your ad in the desired place – even if it’s the bottom of a pool! Why not? Extremely revolutionary way to advertise! For example, you may advertise refreshing drinks or ice cream. In the summer, people refresh themselves in pools, and there they can see your message, printed on Ruvitex 3D flooring Décor.
Of course, the bottom of the pool is not the only place where you can put your Ruvitex 3D Decor ad. You can easily place your brand ad on the floor in your office. The customer enters and discovers that you invest in innovation.
Ruvitex 3D Decor for business advertising is made of 100% polyester fabric with top and bottom layer of plasticized polyvinyl chloride. The material allows printing of the client’s custom-made project without limiting the themes and the design. Also, the image is three-dimensional. The result is an extremely attractive flooring that you can place in the chosen location.
Ruvitex 3D Decor for business advertising is a new way to express yourself, your business ideas and to attract new customers. You may use it as a flooring that you can easily move from one place to another, you may put it on the bottom of a pool or elsewhere, Ruvitex 3D Decor for business advertising always attracts attention. It is different, fresh, three-dimensional. Check it out!