HERZ GmbH is a specialist in the manufacture, sales, consulting and servicing of equipment and machines for welding and thermal processing of plastics.

Established way back in 1936 in Germany, today it has branches throughout Europe. In 2005 HERZ-Bulgaria branch office was opened in the building of the Institute of Welding in Sofia, where, with the assistance of the firm, the only plastics welders training centre for Southeast Europe was established. Our extensive product range includes: machines and equipment for welding, heating and bending of plastics, welded joints strength and density testing devices, accessories, consumables.

Main areas of application:

– Welding of thermoplastic waterproofing films for roofs, foundations, swimming pools, hydraulic and tunnel engineering, landfills, etc.

– Welding of plastic pipelines, production of water supply and sewerage fittings, gas-mains, process pipelines etc.

– Production of containers and installations for local treatment plants, tanks, grease traps, etc.

– Process heat in machines and production lines for drying, baking, heat-shrinkable packages and capsules and more.



KOBO BG Ltd is a leading company on Bulgarian market, specializing in the supply of professional equipment for plastic welding, heat treatment of plastics, process heat etc.

We are exclusive distributor and authorized service representative of Leister Technologies AG – Switzerland for Bulgaria and Macedonia. Here you will find all the products of Leister-the worldwide leader in the manufacture of equipment for plastic welding and process heat.

We offer consulting and training in these areas relying on our more than 10-years’experience. In order to meet our customers’ needs to the highest degree, besides sale of machinery and tools we also provide a free training. Training courses are conducted at the client’s location or at our company. Our product range includes:


– hot air hand held guns for welding;

– welding machines for roof waterproofing membranes;

– automatic machines for welding of film and geomembrane liners for landfills, tunnels, lakes, swimming pools, hydraulic engineering etc.;

– hand extruders;

– automatic machines for welding of floor coverings and industrial fabrics;

– welding quality control and testing equipment;

– air heaters (for activation, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilization, drying or warming) for mobile or stationary industrial process applications;

– fan heaters,  high and medium pressure fans;

– equipment for butt welding of pipes and sheet material;

– accessories;

– industrial plastics – plates, rods and welding rods of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, etc.;

– riveting equipment;

We assist our clients in selecting the ideal tool suitable for the type of work to be performed by providing valuable tips and recommendations. We offer consulting in case of technical problems with plastics processing machines and equipment. We provide technical assistance in establishing plastics processing work stations. As an official distributor of the global leader in welding technology, our team knows what to offer its clients-professionals to ensure their success!