Ruvimat P08 (60m²)

//Ruvimat P08 (60m²)
  • Ruvimat P08

Ruvimat P08 (60m²)

RUVIMAT P 08 is a single layer homogeneous polymeric membrane based on high quality plasticized polyvinyl chloride and properly selected plasticizers and stabilizers.

Application: Waterproofing and facing of small decorative lakes and garden pools , reservoirs and biotopes.

Size: 60m²              Width: 2m                    

Package: Roll         Length: 30m


Product Description

RUVIMAT P 08 is a single layer homogeneous polymeric membrane based on high quality plasticized polyvinyl chloride and properly selected plasticizers and stabilizers.

Application: Waterproofing and facing of small decorative lakes and garden pools , reservoirs and biotopes.

Characteristics – advantages

  • Water tightness
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Excellent resistance to environmental influences /UV rays , acid rains /
  • Resistance to micro-organisms and roots penetration
  • High strength characteristics and elasticity
  • Flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Does not contain DEHP / DOP / plasticizer and toxic additions
  • Ensures an environmental for plants and fishes
  • Excellent opportunity for welding , including at low temperatures.
  • Product suitable for reprocessing.

Indicators / Standards

RUVIMAT P 08 is produced in compliance with EN 13956 : 2012 .
Клас F acc. European classification for reaction to fire EN 13501-1.


Rolled sheet membrane, homogenous
Surface: smooth , matt
Color: black
Membranes in other colors are produced on request at a minimum order quantity 4000 m²


Each roll is packed in a transparent polyethylene film
Roll length: 30 m
Roll width: 2 m
Roll weight: 70,00 кg
Rolls on the pallet: 24 rolls


Rolls must be stored in horizontal direction on the pallets in the original packing without direct exposure to sunlight, rain and snow. Storage following these rules guarantees no expiry date. Do not double stack the pallets during transport and storage.

Standart EN 13956:2012
Visible defects Not present EN 1850-2
Length 30,00 (-0 % / +5 %)m EN 1848-2
Width 2,00 (-0,5% / +1%)m EN 1848-2
Straigthness ≤30 mm EN 1848-2
Flatness ≤10 mm EN 1848-2
Thickness 0,8 (-5%/+10 %)mm EN 1849-2
Mass per unit area 1,15 (-5%/+10 %)кg/m² EN 1849-2
Tensile strength Method B EN 12311-2
warp ≥15 N/mm²
weft ≥15 N/mm²
Elongation Method B EN 12311-2
warp ≥250%
weft ≥250%
Tearing strength EN 12310-2
warp ≥80N
weft ≥60N
Joint peel resistance ≥120N/50mm EN 12316-2
Water tightness complies EN 1928 Method C
Resistance to artificial aging complies EN 1296
Resistance to UV radiation complies EN 1297
Changing the sizes after thermal

treatment (Dimensional Stability)

EN 1107-2
warp ±5%
weft ±2%
Foldability at low temperature
/ without cracking /
up to -30°C EN 495-5

Base preparation

Concrete or old facings: The surface of the base and the walls of the pool must be firm , smooth , without sharp protrusions, clean and dry, free of oils , paint, dust  etc .

Soil: The excavation or the embankment should be tight and the available stones to be removed from the surface. It is recommended before the membrane applying  to be placed geotextile underlay.

Application Limits

RUVIMAT P 08 can be applied on territories where temperature of the environment  is not less than -40 °C , and  the constant temperature  should  be  not higher than  +50 °C.

Compatibility: It is not allowable direct contact with the polymers of other groups, such as polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanate, phenol containing foam. The membrane is not resistant to bituminous materials. If it is in contact with such surfaces has a separation layer of geotextile density min.300g / m², in order to be preventable the accelerated aging

RUVIMAT P 08  is not suitable for artificial reservoirs for drinking water.

Technology of the installation / Tools

Technology of the installation : In compliance with the existing Installation manual for roofing membrane Ruvimat.

Method of attachment:   Free laying 

Welding : The overlaps  ( from 80 to 100 mm)  of the membrane must be welded by electric tools with hot air, hand held heat gun and roller or welding automatic tools with hot air, that have indiviul setting and control of welding temperature with a capacity of minimum +600°С.

The welds are carried out with a double weld seam providing a a camera for the weld testing.

Recommended mode for the equipment :
Welding parameters The parameters of the welding process include temperature, welding speed, air stream, pressure must  be chosen and checked according the weather conditions and the type of welding tools on the building area right before the welding process starts. The width of the joint must be at least 30 mm. The quality control is done with a screwdriver after the joint is cooled. All the unwelded points must be repaired with the welding tools.

After completing the membrane installation must be tested the watertightness of the system.

Application limits
The application of PVC membrane RUVIMAT P 04  must be performed by people that have passed a training course.

Temperature limits

Temperature of the deck: minimum -20°C / maximum +50°C.
Temperature of the environment: minimum -15°C / maximum +50°C.


RUVIMAT P 08  is an article within the meaning of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 Article 3.3. A Material Safety Data Sheet following EC- Regulation 1907/2006, Article 31 is not required for the product when sold, shipped or used. The product has no harmful effects on environment and human health when stored and used as specified.
Regulation of the EU on chemicals and their safe use ЕО 1907/2006 /REACH/

RUVIMAT P 08 is an article within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.The product does not contain any substances intended to be released from it under normal conditions of storage, use and service. Therefore, there are no registration requirements for substances in the article within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the Regulation.
Safety: Ventilation and fresh air intake must be ensured when welding of article is performed in closed rooms. Local safety precautions must be observed !

Class of Transportation: RUVIMAT P 08 is not classified as hazardous for transportation !

Disposal of Residual Waste: Residual waste generated from the use of the product as well as from the roll packaging is recyclable. Disposal must be according to regional and national regulations and EU legislation.

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