If you want to add some style and color to your garage, it is a good idea to start with the floor. Standard concrete garage floors are functional, but with a little extra effort they can be attractive and even comfortable. However, one of the problems is that there are actually quite a few options for treating the floor in a garage and most have problems deciding which way to go.


Floor paints are applied by roller or brush and adhere directly to the floor. The main products in this category are latex paint and epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is the better option. Although it’s easy to confuse both, since they are both applied with rollers and brushes, they are actually quite different in terms of chemicals and performance. If the floor of your garage is painted with oil, grease and rust, you can easily give it a new life with floor paint. Latex paint intended for use on concrete floors is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply. The standard for a solid, good looking garage surface is epoxy paint.


Vinyl flooring is a rolled product that can easily and quickly cover the floor of your garage. This flooring is easy to clean – a condition that is very important, especially for the garage floor, as oil and other liquids may spill. Absolutely waterproof and non-flammable flooring. All good garage flooring begins with the preparation and repair of the concrete surface. For starters, the floor must be absolutely level, using self-leveling screed. The floor should then be cleaned very well to adhere to the vinyl without problems. There is no easier way to cover the floor of your garage. Vinyl flooring comes in different styles, colors and patterns.

And in conclusion, we can add that sustainability comes first. How long can you rely on floor paint? Certainly not as long as the vinyl flooring will serve.

Source: www.thespruce.com