Mystical, breathtaking wonders of Mother Nature – all gathered in the heart of Thailand. This exotic destination is the dream of many travelers.

If you haven’t visited this paradise yet, here are five reasons to do so:

  • Summer, Summer – who doesn’t dream of  sun’s rays caressing his skin all year long! Forget about the jacket, scarf and boots – grab a bathing suit and head to one of the closest beaches!
  •  Paradise beaches – undoubtedly Thailand boasts some of the most beautiful and azure coasts that one can dream of.  No doubt that many famous productions have chosen for destination the wild Thai bays!
  • Delicious food – well, Asian food is YUM. We recommend you to find out how authentic noodles taste 😉
  • Friendly people – warmth and kindness flow from others. You’d be fascinated by the hospitality of the Thai people.
  •  Unique nature – forests, animals, breathtaking views, rivers and waterfalls – we guarantee that you will be amazed by the nature of this country!

Well, we from Ruvitex® Wall & Floor Decors also dream of exploring Thailand and immersing ourselves in the magical atmosphere. For everyone who shares our feelings, we have prepared some suggestions on how to feel the spirit of Thailand closer to you! We present to you 3 glorious waterfalls in Thailand, printed  on kitchen backsplash, using special 3D technology !

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