Do you consider refreshing your old kitchen? Changing something small like the backsplash can bring the desirable effect!

Here are some tips of choosing the right material for your need.


Today we are going to compare two quite popular materials when choosing a kitchen back – Ruvitex® Kitchen Backsplash and a GLASS kitchen back. Traditionally, people rely on good old tiles – giving a solid look to the kitchen with their exquisite ornaments and shapes. The good news these days is that the same elegant design for a kitchen can be achieved with a 3D printed image on vinyl OR glass at a lower price than traditional ceramic tiles. A major advantage of these alternatives is the faster and easier installation. This craftsmanship technology adds depth and inspires a modern look in every kitchen.

Ruvitex® Kitchen Backsplash

  • Easy to install

  • Cheaper than Glass

  • Variety of images and designs

  • Easy size adjustment using a pocket knife

  • Еasy to clean, no fingerprints and drops left on the surface

  • High temperature resistant material

3D Vinyl Backsplash
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Glass Kitchen Backsplash

  • Easy to install

  • Variety of images and designs

  • Expensive than Ruvitex® Kitchen Backsplash

  • Risk of material cracking when attempting to cut and adjust the back of the kitchen according to the individual kitchen design

  • Еasy to clean, but is easily soiled and traces remain on the glossy surface

  • Risk of cracking upon close contact with a gas cooker, it is advisable to install it in a kitchen with ceramic hobs; It is recommended that the glass back for the kitchen be installed behind the sink

  • Fragile material

  • Danger of damage to material upon delivery

  • High delivery cost

In either case, when choosing the back for the kitchen, whether it is GLASS or Ruvitex® Kitchen Backsplash , you will need to get a glue that is applied to the surface on which you will mount it. Many people will say : “Why buy glue and invest more time and labor, since there are self adhesive stickers on the market that I will put easier and faster? ” You should be aware that self-adhesive stickers have a much lower density and one of the main problems is that they should be placed on a perfectly smooth surface in order not to disturb the effect of the image. The price difference is in favor of self-adhesive stickers, but in most cases ”cheap can be expensive” .

 Stay tuned – In one of our next articles we will compare Ruvitex® products with self – adhesive stickers !