The days of decorating your corridor walls with paint or wallpaper must be past with the modern tile products on the market. Do you have an old paneling in the hallway? Wondering how to freshen it up and make it more attractive? There is no doubt that Ruvitex 3d Décor will do a great job here as well. As you know, our covering and flooring have a wide application. There is no problem that they are also used for lining the walls in the hallway. And why not on the floor…

Interior lining has already become the most popular and most cost-effective way to create walls with effects in both domestic and commercial environments. Product materials are not only cheaper but they also save a lot of time on installation compared to traditional methods. Even years later, our covering will look as fresh as the day you bought it. 3D lining is stain and scratch resistant and completely waterproof.
They are easier to clean and easier to put than wallpaper, paint, paneling or tile. They come in a huge range of colors and designs. The Ruvitex 3d Décor lining will add an extra layer of heat to whatever room you choose to mount. They are easy to clean. Wipe only with warm water and a little washing up liquid and they will look great every day. It is also of paramount importance that you completely avoid mold and ceiling problems.

And to summarize, here are all benefits of Ruvitex 3d Décor for a corridor:

  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Very easy to install
  • Wide range of styles
  • Easy maintenance
  • Insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Unlimited applications

Interior lining is widely used in all types of rooms. Any space in your home can be transformed with Ruvitex 3d Décor. Also workplace, shop, spa or school. The application of this product is practically unlimited.