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5 effective ways of advertising: Part 3

We are at the final 3rd part of the article. In the previous two parts of “5 ways of advertising” we discussed different advertising options that can help you attract more customers. Of course, this article doesn’t aim to tell the story of the advertisement in general. We just wanted to mention a few ideas that can help you decide [...]

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5 effective ways of advertising: Part 2

We described the advertisement as a connection between the client and the product. It’s up to you which kind of advertising to use? You may choose between a TV, radio, Internet commercial, print advertisement, etc. In “5 effective ways of advertising: Part 1” we talked about TV commercials and now we continue with other suggestions. 1. Radio commercial – you [...]

By | January 25th, 2019|Categories: 3D advertising|1 Comment

5 effective ways of advertising: Part 1

Here you are! Yes, I know that your products are great. The thing is that I am the only person who knows that. The question is how to reach potential customers? How they can find out what you are offering and why they have to buy your products. In the past, it was enough for the businessmen to have a [...]

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Three-dimensional house with Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring

Not every home of the future can boast with different machinery, gadgets or innovative design. But in such a home there surely are elements from the future. These innovations are created to be beautiful, cosy and practical. Ruvitex 3D Décor offers you great image variety and it’s useful for different purposes and premises. Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring is innovation that [...]

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Three-dimensional bathroom with Ruvitex 3D Décor flooring

The bathroom is one of the most important premises in each home. It’s a place where we spend time to take care of ourselves. That’s why it needs to be comfortable, cosy and last but not least beautiful. When we think of a bathroom we think of water. That’s the reason why generally it is covered with faience. Sometimes it [...]

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3D flooring for advertising – the new way people to find you

What is the ad? It’s a way to reach your potential target audience. There are different kinds of advertising: radio, television, internet, cinema, print, etc. Everyone chooses according to their business, goals, budget, preferences. The main goal is attracting customers. Business needs advertising – even if you are the best in what you do, what’s the point if nobody knows [...]

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