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Create your own SPA bathroom ! 8 ZEN Bathroom Decor Inspirations

We know that you work hard and need time for yourself.  We all prefer to lay in a hot bathtub, listening to relaxing music and just clear our minds from the negative thoughts.     We from Ruvitex® Wall & Floor Decors can bring all these SPA vibes in your bathroom! You can choose a floor or wall decor [...]

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5 Trendy Tropical Bathroom Decor Ideas

When it comes to bathroom decor there are many different ways to style it and turn it into a masterpiece. Whether you prefer more traditional or modern and extravagant look - it's always a great idea to add some accent to the bathroom decor design. Today we present you 5 wall decors with dreamy tropical 3D images ! If [...]

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3 Spectacular Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas inspired by the Underwater world

   The beauty of the sea world is captivating! Underwater flora and fauna capture our senses with their colors and atypical shapes. Diving into the depths of the sea before the human eye reveals magical pictures and a vast new world, hiding an entire eco system! We from Ruvitex® Wall & Floor Decors want to bring the mystique of marine life [...]

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6 Decor Ideas for your bathroom without REMOVING tiles! Ruvitex® Bathroom Wall decor

Your bathroom needs repair or you just want to completely change its look. Then comes the daunting task of installing the new tiles, which as you might guess is a long process and quite a chore.    Let's say you are willing to go through these steps and have already acquired a brand new, updated bathroom. Your happiness will soon [...]

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