Planning a bathroom renovation? Before you start, look at trends in 2020! Bathroom trends 2020 is a huge choice of fashion trends, among which there is always an idea that may be perfect for you! Here are some of the leading trends in the bathroom interior in the new year.

1. Biophilic bath design

If you are a nature lover, then be sure to appreciate this trend of biophilic design! This direction helps to find relief and relaxation due to natural tranquility. We have been proven to be much more efficient, calm and focused if we are surrounded by nature. Here, of course, many plants will act as decor. You can also create a wall with decorative PVC covering in fresh landscapes and greenery.

2. Minimalist design of the bathroom

What is important about the minimalist bathroom design of 2020? The main thing is to create a simple interior that will pay special attention to the accents. For example, unique sanitary ware should be combined with simple tiles so that they can be at the center of your bathroom design. Another option is to accent the walls or floor of the bathroom with decorative PVC covering in bold colors or a favorite picture. In this case, the sanitary ware must be clean and stylish.

3. Popular colors for your bathroom in 2020

Champagne, light yellow and orange are all in vogue by 2020. It is important to understand the application of these shades. They can be in the form of colored accessories or curtains.

4. Exterior shower in the bathroom 2020

As for shower options, there are many different types on the market. However, open concept showers are quite popular, especially multifunctional and fully equipped. For the new trends in the bathroom in 2020, options for a combination of shower and bath are also provided. Typically, a shower tub can be separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall. The advantage of this look? The bathroom looks much more spacious.

5. Furniture and console equipment in bathroom trends 2020

2020 still refers to console furniture, which is fundamentally different from massive cabinets. Ergonomic furniture fits perfectly into small bathrooms and has several advantages. First, the consoles allow the room to look much larger and free up space.

6. The huge potential of small bathrooms

Because the space is small, the choice of luxury materials is more affordable. In addition, you can install unique sinks with interesting shapes and designs made of concrete or marble.

7. Wall or floor decoration with PVC covering

A new and great way to keep up with trends while also getting a beautiful, finished and healthy bath. The choice of colors and designs is huge and putting such a color accent brings true emotion and freshness to the interior. The advantages of this covering are the cleaning, absolute moisture resistance, they do not retain harmful microorganisms and are very easy to install and dismantle.