Foil for decorative lakes 0,55 mm

//Foil for decorative lakes 0,55 mm
  • Ruvimat P04

Foil for decorative lakes 0,55 mm

9.78 лв.

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Product Description

PVC – membrane for artificial lakes and pools Field of application: Waterproofing and lining of small ornamental lakes and garden pools, ponds and biotopes.

Characteristics – advantages

  • Water tightness
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Excellent resistance to environmental influences /UV rays , acid rains /
  • Resistance to micro-organisms and roots penetration
  • High strength characteristics and elasticity
  • Flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Does not contain DEHP / DOP / plasticizer and toxic additions
  • Ensures an environmental for plants and fishes
  • Excellent opportunity for welding , including at low temperatures.
  • Product suitable for reprocessing.

  • Thickness – 0.55 mm

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