3D Flooring Decor Board game “Limping -4” (Sea Checkers)

//3D Flooring Decor Board game “Limping -4” (Sea Checkers)
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3D Flooring Decor Board game “Limping -4” (Sea Checkers)

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Game “Limping”
1. Each player picks a “marker” – it could be anything the player chooses to distinguish from the other players, ideally a pebble.
2. Initially, the marker is thrown at the first island by player1– if the marker leaves the boundaries of that island, player2 begins. If it stays within, player1 continues the game jumping over the island with the marker in, one-legged, and continuing from island to island in the order they are numbered.
3. When the island designated with “10” is reached, the player can stay on both legs, then turns around and comes back jumping one-legged again until the island with the marker in is reached – the player has to first collect the marker, one-legged all the time, then finish the game. When the marker is taken, the player is allowed to step in the island the marker was on the way back.
4. If a players steps on the boundaries between the islands, it is a foul play and the next player begins.
5. A player that completes the whole sequence of islands from 1 to 10 first is winning the game.

Size: 2mx3m;

Product Description


Polyester  fabric textiles , double coated with compositions based on plasticized polyvinyl chloride.


Decorative floorings suitable for business advertising, shops, offices, corridors, rooms, including wet rooms / bathrooms /.

The color range is determined by the patterns of fabrics, their color is exalted by the transparent coating .

Characteristics and advantages

  • Watertightness
  • Resistance to microorganisms.
  • Resistance to aging
  • Dimension stability at low and high temperatures
  • Flexibility at minus temperatures
  • Anti-slip
  • Does not contain DEHP / DOP / plasticizer
  • Does not contain toxic additions
  • Possibility for laying on different types of floors

Appearance: Rolled product


  • Upper layer – transparent coating of plasticised polyvinylchloride
  • Middle layer – 100% polyester fabrics
  • Under layer –  colored coating of plasticized polyvinyl chloride

Storing: Rolls must be stored in horizontal position in the original packing without direct exposure to sunlight, rain and snow.

Visible defects Not present EN 1850-2
Thickness 1,3-1,5 (-5%/+10%)mm EN 1849-2
Mass per unit area 1,7-2,0 (-5%/+10%)кg/m² EN 1849-2
Tearing strength EN 12310-2
warp ≥250N
weft ≥250N
Reaction to fire Class F(EN ISO 11925-2) Classification EN 13501-1
Water tightness complies EN 1928 Method B
Water absorption ≤0,3%
Resistance to artificial aging complies EN 1296
Changing the sizes after thermal
treatment (80˚С, 6h)
EN 1107-2
warp ±1%
weft ±1%
Foldability at low temperature
/ without cracking /
up to -30°C EN 495-5

Appropriate ways for  laying

They are laid directly  without sticking  or  with . When bonding  are suitable the dispersion adhesives for sticking of  PVC flooring to concrete and wood.

Cleaning: For cleaning schould be used a water or solutions of neutral or alkalescent cleaning compounds.

Application limits

Temperature: Must be avoided any kind of direct heating or contact with hot surfaces.

Cleaning: When cleaning , do not use sharp or abrasive objects . It is inadmissible the cleaning with strong alkaline solutions or with organic solvents.

Health and safety information

Ruvitex 3D Decor is an article within the meaning of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 Article 3.3. A Material Safety Data Sheet following EC- Regulation 1907/2006, Article 31 is not required for the product when sold, shipped or used. The product has no harmful effects on environment and human health when stored and used as specified.


Regulation of the EU on chemicals and their safe use!

ЕО 1907/2006 /REACH/

Ruvitex 3D Decor is an article within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.The product does not contain any substances intended to be released from it under normal conditions of storage, use and service. Therefore, there are no registration requirements for substances in the article within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the Regulation.

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