Technical Data:

Thickness 1,5mm – if ordered, we can produce with 1mm and 1,2mm thickness
Width – 2m
Length – from 0.60m to whatever needed
Protective layer – 0.45mm
Fire safety – resistant to fire

Image Requirements:

300px for 1m, e.g. for a product 2m x 3m image resolution should be 6000 x 9000 – anything less we do not accept, as the client might not like the end product.
Vector images have no resolution requirements

For a product 10m x 10m – we make this in 5 parts with 2m x m: initial image is cut into pieces, but the cut should be in an monotonous colour areas so that assembling the pieces does not pose challenges after that /e.g. a sea bottom – cuts should be in areas of sand, water or rocks, not in areas with fishes and corals, otherwise the pieces would not connect perfectly/
The same cut area requirements apply for vector images – cuts should not be in logos, letters, figures, forms and shapes.


1/ You will need to send us the image and the scheme with dimensions of the premise. Within 1 day we will confirm to you the image quality and will send back a visualization of the product
2/ You will send our proposition to your client for approval: once you reply to us that the client is satisfied with the proposition, we will provide you with a deadline for production and delivery
3/ You will then ask the client to make a downpayment as we would ask you to make a 100% downpayment to us

Production Deadline:

1/ Standard Order – orders made up to 15th of the current month go for production during the same month as we use the production line by the end of the month – until then, it is utilized in producing other products and it is not economically viable to switch products twice a month. All orders made after the 15th of the current month go for the production schedule by the end of the next month.
2/ Express Order – any order for 1000m2 or bigger is fulfilled within 2 weeks, with an extra week for delivery

Complaints Policy:

If there is a claim from a customer, you will need to send us the photo of the product and we will respond within 2 working days. In general, we have an established quality assessment procedure prior to sending the finished article and if there is a problem with it, we do it again.

Sales/Discounts Policy:

The minimum price for the end client is 60 EUR/m2 VAT inclusive – our product has no equivalent as the closest to it is the epoxy resin floorings, but their price is in the 200EUR/m2 range.
The discount policy is as follows:
1/ Distributor – 35%
2/ Dealer – 30%
3/ Shops – 30%
4/ Designer/Architect – 25%
5/ Installation Maker – 15%
6/ Construction company – 10%
7/ Investor volume discount – 5%
8/ End user – 0%

Your price is 32.5EUR/m2 VAT inclusive.