Vinyl flooring develops and forms from standard and at first glance ordinary material, into a modern material with endless design possibilities and attractive price. Given the many benefits of vinyl, it is not surprising that it has become an incredibly popular flooring material. With vinyl flooring, you can get the effect of wooden or stone flooring, with uncompromising quality.
The water resistance of vinyl flooring combined with extreme endurance and unpretentious care makes it an ideal flooring for both residential and commercial use. Customers who prefer vinyl flooring don’t have to choose between endurance and design options. For the bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, hallway or foyer – vinyl flooring will always be the best solution for those who prefer a beautiful appearance, endurance and durability.
The variety of colors and textures of this material is huge. The most common are wood or stone imitation, but in the latest collections you will also find many original abstract visions, including the more recent and modern marble textures and more. That’s why – options are unlimited.

Easy to use

The vinyl coating requires no additional operating costs and is easy to clean.


Following to the installation technology such floor will endure 15-20 years. Sustainability of the printed vinyl coatings depends on the thickness of the protective layer. When buying such a coating, it is advisable to trust manufacturers with proven experience and years of production.

Easy installation

You don’t need to look for a home master who will waste your time and make the whole process more expensive. With the RUVITEX 3D Decor vinyl flooring, anyone can handle the installation on their own. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on the RUVITEX 3D Dekor website and Youtube channel or just watch the video below.