The bathroom is one of the most important premises in each home. It’s a place where we spend time to take care of ourselves. That’s why it needs to be comfortable, cosy and last but not least beautiful. When we think of a bathroom we think of water. That’s the reason why generally it is covered with faience. Sometimes it is covered with other water-proof flooring. People often place different mats on the bathroom floor which prevent from slipping. Similar anti-slip bathroom flooring is Ruvitex 3D Décor. The advantage is that you may choose the design of your 3D Décor bathroom flooring and our team of professionals will create it in 3D format.
Ruvitex 3D Décor is beauty and innovation combined. It is implemented by companies with traditions that invest in modern products.
Bathroom 1
Ruvitex 3D Décor is made of polyester fabrics with top and bottom layers made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride. The thickness of Ruvitex 3D Décor varies between 1,3 and 1,5 cm. The available sizes of the decorative flooring are as follows: 1m x 1m; 1m x 2m; 2m x 1m; 2m x 2m; 2m x 3m. The design depends entirely on you.
Ruvitex 3D Décor bathroom flooring allows printing which gives unlimited possibilities for design. You may choose different sea or ocean inhabitants which along with the water will create pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. The options are endless… aquatic turtles, coral reefs, mermaids, sailors etc. If you are not a fan of sunken ships and sea themes you may brand your decorative flooring with a picture of your favorite movie or a quotation from a favorite author.
Ruvitex 3D Décor bathroom flooring gives rein to your imagination. You may choose colors that are similar to your bathroom colors or accentuate the neutral bathroom colors.
Ruvitex 3D Décor bathroom flooring is a three-dimensional miracle that everyone deserves to have! Get it today!