Ruvitex Armofol – For Fences and Tents (Reinforced Foil)

//Ruvitex Armofol – For Fences and Tents (Reinforced Foil)
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Ruvitex Armofol – For Fences and Tents (Reinforced Foil)


Transparent foil based on plasticized polyvinyl chloride  and  reinforced with polyester mesh.

As covering material for production of various agricultural facilities / hothouses , nurseries, greenhouses etc. /

Size: 100m²              Width: 2m                     Price: .,..€/m²

Package: Roll         Length: 50m

Product Description

Solid color foil based on plasticized polyvinyl chloride  and  reinforced with polyester mesh.

As covering material for concrete heat insulation. For fences and tents.

Characteristics – advantages

  • Water tightness
  • Excellent resistance to environmental influences /UV rays , acid rains /
  • High resistance to mechanical influence /   tearing ,  piercing /
  • Resistance to micro-organisms and roots penetration
  • High strength characteristics and elasticity
  • Flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Dimensional stability at high and low temperatures
  • Excellent weldability
  • Long service use life

Indicators / Standards

RUVIMAT P 12 is produced in compliance with EN 13956 : 2012 .
Клас F acc. European classification for reaction to fire EN 13501-1.


Rolled product

Composition: Transparent foil  from plasticized polyvinyl chloride , optimally stabilized with polyester waterproofing net.


Each roll is packed in a transparent polyethylene film
Roll length: 50 m
Roll width: 2 m
Roll weight: 55,00 кg
Rolls on the pallet: 24 rolls


Rolls must be stored in horizontal direction on the pallets in the original packing without direct exposure to sunlight, rain and snow.

Visible defects Not present EN 1850-2
Length 50,00 (-0 % / +5 %)m EN 1848-2
Width 2,00 (-0,5% / +1%)m EN 1848-2
Straigthness ≤30 mm EN 1848-2
Flatness ≤10 mm EN 1848-2
Thickness 0,45 (-5%/+10 %)mm EN 1849-2
Mass per unit area 0,52 (-5%/+10 %)кg/m² EN 1849-2
Tensile strength Method A EN 12311-2
warp ≥400 N/50mm
weft ≥400 N/50mm
Elongation EN 12311-2
warp ≥10%
weft ≥10%
Tearing strength EN 12310-2
warp ≥150N
weft ≥150N
Joint peel resistance ≥180N/50mm EN 12316-2
Resistance to artificial aging complies EN 1296
Resistance to UV radiation complies EN 1297
Changing the sizes after thermal

treatment /80˚С, 6h/

EN 1107-2
warp ≤0,5%
weft ≤0,5%
Foldability at low temperature
/ without cracking /
up to -30°C EN 495-5

Appropriate ways for  joining the individual strips / canvas /
Considering the area of application and the conditions of use , recommended is the method of welding with high-frequency impulse. The Individual bands are overlaped with at least 40-50mm overlaping and in this area is carried out the welding.

In this way is obtained a strong, homogenous , welding joint.



ARMOFOL  can be applied on territories where temperature of the environment  is not less than -30 ° C and not higher than +50 ° C.
With properly  storage, transportation and exploitation , ARMOFOL product has operational durability not less than 3 years.

ARMOFOL is an article within the meaning of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 Article 3.3. A Material Safety Data Sheet following EC- Regulation 1907/2006, Article 31 is not required for the product when sold, shipped or used. The product has no harmful effects on environment and human health when stored and used as specified.

Regulation of the EU on chemicals and their safe use! ЕО 1907/2006 /REACH/

ARMOFOL is an article within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.The product does not contain any substances intended to be released from it under normal conditions of storage, use and service. Therefore, there are no registration requirements for substances in the article within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the Regulation.

Ventilation and fresh air intake must be ensured when welding of article is performed in closed rooms. Local safety precautions must be observed!

Class of Transportation
ARMOFOL is not classified as hazardous for transportation!

Disposal of Residual Waste
Residual waste generated from the use of the product as well as from the roll packaging is recyclable. Disposal must be according to regional and national regulations and EU legislation.

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